Length Check–Dec 2011 to Dec 2012


Hello Loves,

I just wanted to share my length check from last December to this month. At the end of October 2011, I cut my hair short to this length to “break” my flat-iron addiction. (Sidenote: My Baby-Bliss Pro flat-iron is amazing, so how was I not supposed to get addicted?…) Here are my short curls 🙂

I’d fallen into the routine of straightening my hair every week. I had been keeping my hair a little past shoulder length for over a year as you can see in this pic here. My hair was even and healthy, I just wanted a change.

Early 2011

After I cut it in October, I waited until December 2011 to straighten and trim my hair because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it short and straight. I used the same straightening products from before I cut it short: Chi Straight Guard, Chi Keratin Mist, & Olive Oil. Here are my pics from Dec. 2011. I had cut my hair into layers, so the strands are the length of my bangs all around. I was surprised and did like it though!


I decided I would straighten my hair every couple of months and trim it a half inch off, so I did so in March and May. Here are my May 2012 pics. You can see the layers are evenly growing down.


I didn’t straighten my hair again until the end of August, but I didn’t trim it then. Over the summer, I discovered the wonders of Argan oil and converted from Olive oil. I prefer Argan oil because it’s very light and doesn’t weigh my hair down. When I straightened it in October, I trimmed about a half-inch off. This month, my ends still looked pretty healthy, so I didn’t trim them. So here they are, my December 2012 pics. (Oh and yes…I will work on my back-length check photo taking skills).

I decided to start taking biotin everyday a couple weeks ago. I took it pretty sporadically over the past year, but I’m trying to work it into my daily routine now so I can reach my waist-length goal faster. I will do my next length check in February 2013 🙂


Adventures in Pin-Curling!


Hello loves! I straightened my hair a few days ago (don’t worry, I’ll be posting my straightening tips soon!), just in time for my friend to share this wonderful pin-curling video with me. The girl in the video also turned out to be my current roommates old roommate in college. Small world! Any who, I decided to try pin-curling because my attempts to wrap my hair around my head never worked–not even when so called “wrapping experts” did it for me. I never liked the way it fell and didn’t really see the point in wrapping my hair if I’d just have to re-flatiron it in the morning. So when I wear my hair straight, I usually just pull it back into a silver clip and go to sleep. I know, I know you’re thinking “no silk scarf?” gasp!! But, I’m all about being comfortable, and my hair usually looks fine the next morning…usually.

Getting back to my pin-curling adventure. 1) Before I started, I put a dime-sized amount of argan oil in my palm and rubbed it evenly through my hair. ROOT TO TIP! If you don’t have argan oil, I suggest you stop reading this right now and go get some because it will change your life! It makes my hair feel so soft and light, not to mention the great shine! It’s also a great conditioning oil to use at night! Getting back to the step…. 2) Next, I parted a section with my finger, ran my fingers through the section to make sure it was smooth, held one finger to my scalp and loosely wrapped my hair around it. When I got to the end, I stuck a bobbi pin (or two) through the entire mini-bun. I know some people use mini silver clips, but I didn’t have any and bobbi pins work just fine. I made about 8 mini-buns on my entire head. I tied my hair with a silk scarf and went to bed. Here are the mini-buns the next morning before I took them down. Sidenote: ignore the hoodie, it’s finals season :-/


Next, I pulled the pins out and this is how my hair fell. I wanted the loose spiral curl effect on the sides, so I twirled those sections with my finger before I began wrapping it around. If you want smaller curls, you can make smaller sections and/or make your mini-buns tighter.

After removing the bobbi pinsAfter removing the bobbi pins

After removing the bobbi pins

The last step is…finger combing! I’m not a big advocate of using combs, unless I have to. Maybe it’s because of flashbacks to being tenderheaded as a child… I do love finger combing though and I think it’s just as effective and a lot less damaging to my hair. I had no shedding during the take-down process.


I loved my pin-curling results. Mainly because it only took about 10min for me to make the mini buns the night before, the take down process was only 10min as well, I didn’t have to use any heat, and I love the way my hair looks! Do you pin-curl? What’s your favorite heat-less method for caring for straight(ened) hair?


Hello (Potential) Loves!


Hello!! Welcome to Simply Curl-E! I decided to start a hair blog at the requests of several friends who appreciated my haircare tips and wanted me to share them with the world. I also figured starting a hair blog would make me less likely to cut my hair (which I tend to randomly do when my hair scissors call my name) and I kind of want to grow my hair waist-length. I am well over a year away from that though, but my hair grows faster than the .5in/month average…so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll try to post every Thursday, so be sure to check-in! Any who, here I am (with a twist-out) and thank you for visiting!

2012-11-17 19.06.22

Oh and I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to ask any questions and comment! My only rule is 1) you must love your hair in whatever shape or form it’s currently in.  If you don’t love your hair, it will not be kind to you!


P.S. Even though my hair is “natural,” Simply Curl-E will be for the undefined, naturals, relaxed, texturized and tex-laxed ladies of the world. After all, you have to do what works for you–I only require that you love your hair!