My First Flexi-Rod Set!!


‘ello Loves!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It’s been a long time but I’m back! 2013 was an exciting and busy year for me, I finished law school, took the Bar Exam (and passed! Yay!) and started life as a young esquire. Now that 2014 is here, I’m looking forward to sharing my love of hair with you all on a more consistent basis! I’ve started a new Instagram account for Simply Curl-E (@simplycurle) where I post daily, so if you need your Simply Curl-E fix, be sure to check it out! I’ll be sure to follow you all back!

Now onto more pressing matters…my first flex-rod set for NYE! Here are the final results:



After deep conditioning my hair, I sectioned it into four parts and applied Eden Body Works’s All Natural Leave In Conditioner from root to tip. Then I parted rows in the four parts, applied Garnier Fructis’s Curl Construct Mousse and wrapped my hair around the rods starting at the ends on my hair and rolling up to the roots. Then I bent the rods to hold them in place. I used 35 blue and red flexi-rods and honestly they were kind of awkward to sleep in. I was planning to sit under the dryer to make sure they were dry by morning, but my head wouldn’t fit under it with all the rods in! Lol! I alternated between blue and red rods so the curls wouldn’t all come out the same size.  20131231_010257


Thankfully, my hair was dry in the morning when I took them all down. Here are a couple of pics from before I separated the curls.




Here are pics of the back after I separated the curls. I put a little bit of olive oil on my fingertips and gently separated the curls to avoid frizz. A few of the curls lost their shape when I separated them, but I twisted them around my finger in the same direction they were originally curled in and the popped right back.



I LOVE how bouncy and springy the curls are. Here’s the link to the video I posted on Instagram yesterday showing how much body they still had on Day 3. I think I may have found my new go-to hairstyle for winter. Have you tried flexi-rods before? What’d you think?

Keep loving your tresses!