Side Braid Protective Style







‘ello loves,

I tried a new braided protective style yesterday.


After deep conditioning my hair with Avon’s Damage Repair Mask, I used Cantu Shea Butter’s Leave in Conditioning Damage Repair Cream and Carrot Oil for styling. I parted my hair in two sections, and cornrowed (under not over) each section to my nape. Then I braided one side over to the other so there would only be one braid at the bottom. Here are more pics:

20140217_105929 20140217_110748  20140217_110636

I’m hoping to leave this style in for a few days to give my hair a break. What’s your favorite protective style?




4 thoughts on “Side Braid Protective Style

  1. This is so cute! I did a similar one. Braids are my favourite protective hairstyle, since my hair doesn’t always stay in twists that well. Also, how am I just finding your blog now? Love it!

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