Another day, another twist-out…with a new leave-in conditioner


‘ello Loves!

It’s been a while! I wanted to share some flat twist-out results (from August) using Infusium 23 Leave-In Conditioner, Olive Oil and Ecostyler Gel to set. Back in the day, my mother always used Infusium 23 Leave-In Conditioner in my hair so I decided to give it a try when I saw it in the store.

I started on dry unstretched hair and did eight flat twists total. I usually add perm rods or flexi rods to the ends of my twist-outs to ensure they stay twisted. This time, I rolled the perm rods all the way up for a tighter curl and to take away some length because I’ve been wanting to cut my hair and wanted a shorter look lol. I’m not cutting it any time soon though! Also, when using rods on the ends of your twists, it’s very important to make sure you’re rolling your hair on the rods in the same direction your hair is twisted so the pattern will be continuous! I’ve messed up a lot of twist-outs because the ends are curling in a different direction than the rest of my hair.



Here’s how my hair looked after I removed the twists and did not separate them. I like the curl pattern I get from doing eight flat twists, but you should use more or less depending on how tight you want the curls to be. 20140826_104339This is post-minor fluffing and separation using my fingers. I didn’t want too much volume on the first day because I knew the humidity would make it bigger on its own.



I forgot to take more pictures as the week went on, but this is how the curls expanded by day 5. Also, you usually can only see the color of my hair in the sunlight, so that’s why it looks redder here. I slept with my hair in a pineapple and did not retwist it at night.



I LOVED the shine and feel of my hair from the Infusium 23. It was noticeably stronger, soft and moisturized the entire week. I’ve been using it ever since and my hair has been really happy! What’s your favorite leave-in conditioner?



P.S. Have a beautiful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Another day, another twist-out…with a new leave-in conditioner

  1. You did a great job! Giovanni Weightless leave-in is a good one but I have to do the L.O.C. Method with it or else my hair ends up feeling like I put nothing in it.

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