Goodbye Waist Length Hair Goal!


‘ello Loves!

As many of you know, my goal was to grow my hair waist-length straight. Keyword: was. Last spring I even purchased a shirt to measure my progress on the way, but I’ve never published a picture with it. The problem is ever since I started this blog and its accompanying Instagram page, I began to notice the obsession within the “Natural hair” community with length (and loose curls–I’ll save my curl pattern thoughts for another day) and to put it nicely, it annoys me. While I love the growth I’ve seen in my hair and love sharing tips with others, I found myself beginning to obsess over my own hair length and whether I was retaining enough growth. I felt a sort of pressure to reach my hair length goal in a certain period of time and questioned whether I could reach it faster.  I debated taking hair supplements that promised ridiculously fast hair growth, religiously studied my ends, and…I’ll save you all the unnecessary dramatics and internal debates, in short–growing my hair out was no longer fun and exciting. It’d become an obsessive research project.

The simple fix for this was to stop comparing my hair growth and length to others and focus on me. I’d never cared about anyone else’s hair growth/length before in comparison to my own, so it made no sense to start now just because I started a hair blog. And just like that, I gave up my “official” waist-length hair goal. I’ll still track my progress for you all, but for me, I’m just happy to have healthy hair of any length. Long, short, thick, or thin–it’s still just hair.